Have you heard about Yehoodi?

Have you been bitten by the Lindy bug?

Do you find yourself practicing your triple step in strange places, like waiting for the bus or at the grocery store?

Are you ‘obsessed’ with stalking your favorite dancers on Instagram ?

Do you find yourself wishing you knew more about the history and the individuals who shaped the swing dancing era?

Are you wanting to build your Swing track playlist but keep finding the same songs everywhere?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, boy do we have a recommendation for you!

Yehoodi is every Lindy Hopper’s go to for anything and everything swing related. From awesome videos and tracks, to insightful pieces on the major players of the Lindy era, to the history of swing dancing and why it’s so important we don’t forget its roots, Yehoodi is your finger on the pulse for this energetic, alive and global community of passionate dancers.

Check them out and be inspired. You won’t be sorry!

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