What is this thing called Lindy Hop?

Swing dancing is a big, wide term, an umbrella that shelters dozens of different styles of dances born from the jazz era of the 1930’s and 1940’s, characterized by the distinctive ‘swing’ rhythm in the music.

Perhaps the most notable and recognizable styles that falls under the swing umbrella is the lindy hop. It’s bubbly, it stretches, it snaps and it pops. If it sounds like I’ve described bubblegum you wouldn’t be wrong, lindy hop is high energy but relaxed, expressive and dynamic - and above all else - fun!

Today, lindy hop is danced the world over, from Brasilia to Budapest

What is Lindy Hop?

Born of the streets and in the ballrooms of Harlem, New York, lindy hop combines elements of partnered dance, solo jazz, improvisation and Charleston - quickly becoming the most popular of the swing dance family. It has its roots firmly in African American culture and dance traditions, born during a time when they were not allowed to dance in certain halls or ballrooms.

The name lindy hop itself comes from a newspaper headline ‘LINDY HOPS THE ATLANTIC’, after Charles Lindbergh's groundbreaking flight to Paris in 1927.

Lindy hop is unabashedly and unapologetically an expression of joy. It is first and foremost a ‘social’ dance, meaning it’s best seen and felt at a dance event on the social dance floor (ideally to live music!).