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      “I've Never seen a lindy hopper who wasn't smiling. It's a Happy Dance. It makes you feel good." 

      Frankie manning | Swing Legend



      We love teaching people to dance, and our goal is to make our classes as financially accessible as possible. We offer two options for classes depending on whether you can commit to the whole block.



      Block rate (Most Popular)

      If you sign up in the first two classes for the block, you'l get 25% off. This option is great if you want to get the most out of the block.



      Casual rate

      If you don't know whether you'd like to commit to the whole block, you can drop in to classes at the low rate of $15 per class.

      New to dancing? Your first class is on us.

      If its your first time trying out a style of dancing that we offer, we’ll give you the class for free. We know learning to dance is a bit scary the first time, and this is our way of giving you kudos for giving it a go.


      “Don’t count, feel! The only count I know, is Count Basie!”

      Dawn Hampton | Swing Legend


      Frequently asked questions

      Do you have to bring a partner?

      No! You’re more than welcome to turn up without a partner. Swing dancing is a social dance, and we will rotate partners during a class.

      What should I wear?

      Whatever you feel comfortable moving in! We’ll get you moving, though, so make sure your clothes breathe - especially in summer! If you’re prone to sweating, it might be a good idea to bring an extra shirt.

      Should I lead or follow?

      It’s up to you! Most of us can do both roles. It’s a good idea to choose one role and stick with it until you feel comfortable.

      What’s the difference between leading and following?

      We thinking about dancing like going on a road trip with someone.

      • The lead is the navigator - responsible for giving directions, and has a sense of where the ‘trip’ is going.

      • The follow is the driver - ultimately responsible for making the decision to go in a direction, and can choose to go on a ‘detour’ if they feel like it!

      Do I have to rotate partners?

      If you don’t feel comfortable rotating, you don’t have to rotate partners. It’s totally cool to stay with the same partner throughout the class. We reckon you’ll get the most out of dancing with a variety of people, but it’s totally up to you.

      How long should I try beginner level Lindy hop classes for?

      We recommend you do three blocks of lindy hop classes. This will give you a solid foundation in all three ‘styles’ - 8-count, 6-count, and partner Charleston. Intermediate classes build upon the foundations developed in the beginner classes.

      I’ve danced before. Can I skip straight to intermediate?

      Have a chat to us first, or better yet - have a dance with one of us! The likelihood is that you’ll be fine once you’ve picked up the foundations, but it may be worth doing a beginner block to get to grips with things.

      What levels do you offer?

      We offer lindy hop classes at beginner and intermediate/advanced level. We also offer blues classes that are suitable for all levels. From time-to-time, we also offer solo jazz workshops, too!

      Can I give my dance partner feedback on their dancing?

      It’s totally okay to offer feedback about how something feels as a lead or follow but try not give your partner feedback about their dancing. If you feel something is seriously wrong, ask a teacher to come over and help correct it.

      How long are your blocks?

      Our blocks run for five weeks.